Utorrent Pro APK Ver 5.2.2 For Android 2018

With an access to the UTorrent Pro for the Android, you can be able to download free music, games, movies, document and the other files directly to your smartphone or even tablet using BitTorrent network.

The paid version has been known to be ad-free and does provide a dedicated support service. UTorrent Pro is a very light but powerful and is an AD free app that will easily help to get all the stuff that you want directly to the phone as well as the tablet with no auto shutdown and a higher percentage of the battery saving preferences.

UTorrent Pro APK Info

utorrent pro apk


Installs5 million+
Android Version4.1+
DeveloperBittorrent Inc.

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The paid release of the UTorrent, in comparison to the free version, does not include ads and hence allows you to be able to make use of personalized support team at the UTorrent. You can download movies, files and many more things via UTorrent Pro APK. Also you can stream movies online on showbox apk.

Regarding the interface as well as the features, these two applications are very identical. Always remember that it is advisable always to use WI-FI in comparison to 3G to avoid reaching the limit of your data bundles very early.

What is UTorrent Pro APK?

The main screen of the UTorrent Pro usually shows three tabs, where one showing torrents, the second one showing those that have already been downloaded. When the download has been completed, you are going to get a notice on notification bar. To find new files to download on the android version, this app usually offers two options:

  • The first option is to get to click on this icon that does resemble like a magnifying glass. The step to follow is you enter a keyword, and then you can start searching.
  • This is going to open the browser window with the Google results that you want to download. Now, locate the file that you want to download or even interests you and choose it, and as soon as you have done so, it will be automatically added to download queue.
  • The second option involves knowing the link of the file that you want to download, and all you will be required to do is tap on the ‘+’ and then paste the URL of torrent that you wish to download.

Amazing Features of UTorrent Pro APK

Also, apart from what we have been able to observe, the UTorrent Pro usually allows you to be able to add, manage and check the favorite RSS feeds. Also, you can set the bandwidth limits for downloads as well as uploads. You can also set this app to start automatically when you get to turn phone or even the tablet on.

UTorrent for the Android is an application that is all about the simplicity. The design has been minimized, and all the major commands are on the tap and can be accessed from home screen. Latest musics can be downloaded from this app, also to listen music without download then download spotify premium apk for android.

For the people who enjoy downloading while they are on the move, the uTorrent Pro is among best P2P clients to download from the tablet as well as the smartphone. It is very easy to use and does provide you with everything that you will need to download while traveling.

UTorrent Pro APK has been designed with some amazing features. Among the features they do include:

  • There are no banner ads.
  • It comes with a battery save feature that does suspend torrents whenever the battery does go low beyond a certain level.
  • The Auto Shutdown feature to ensure it saves the battery as well as the data. It can automatically shut down torrenting whenever downloads are done, and the app is in the background.
  • It has a clean, light and very beautiful design.
  • There are no speed limits as well as size limits.
  • It will provide you with an easy access to the media with an integrated music as well as the video libraries.

Installation Guide

As this application is available in the play store or download it from given link in the post, the installation process is quite simple. All you will need to do is open the Google play store and search for UTorrent Pro APK. It will pop up and click download. Wait until the download is complete, then click open. You are now ready to enjoy the unlimited videos by torrenting,


If you are among the people that love UTorrent desktop client or even the UTorrent app that is going to allow for the android, you will love so much the UTorrent Pro and this is a result of this application being very new to Google Play Store so that you can be able to upgrade at a very special price.

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