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ShowBox APK is an amazing app that allows you to watch shows as well as movies of your choice free. Are you among those people who are a movie as well as TV show fanatic?

If you are, we are here to help you get a daily dose of the entertainment for free on both the Android and the iOS smartphones. In the recent years, we have witnessed many movies and TV shows that have evolved and hence we have seen very many changes.

The only thing that has continued to remain in a constant state is a cycle in which they get to be aired. Currently, as a result of the holiday seasons, we have seen a massive break from the many favorite TV shows, but they are expected to come back with a bang.

ShowBox APK Details

showbox apk

Downloads50 million+
Android Version4.0 +
DeveloperShowbox Group

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Holiday Season has been seen to attract the release of so many movies as various people are free and tend to go and watch movies with the people that they love.

If you are among the lazy people and also skeptic one, you can quickly get to watch the movies every day on the device for free without incurring additional cost. Just download it from above link. And if you are a music fan too then see spotify premium also.

Benefits of ShowBox APK

benefits show

Considering the main benefits of the ShowBox app, it surely does not come as a surprise to see how the people are enjoying using this app. It has gotten rid of the need to subscribe, the users do not have to sign up using their emails, and it has been considered as such a bother.

Also, the service has been available for free. That apart, everyone has a chance to use this app. Maybe you may be wondering about the movie updates? For the people who have always have had a taste for the latest movies but have no time to go to the cinemas, this app accommodates your needs.

There are very many updates for most recent TV shows as well as movies so that you can watch them as soon as they are released.

Very many users have acknowledged the app for being a high-speed media streaming service, free from the lags. That aside, you can always enjoy the uninterrupted experience as you watch any of the favourite shows or movies.

The app has also been designed in a way such that it is user-friendly which will make it very easy to use. You will not have a hard time whenever you are using it. It has both the Android version as well as PC, meaning that you can stream all the TV shows directly from a PC or a laptop.

Few More Amazing Features

features showbox

In the recent years, applications such as ShowBox have become very popular all over the world and has given us with free as well as quality entertainment right on your hands.

The technology has given us the power to watch any show that we want all over the world at any place without incurring any additional costs. This had become a dream of over two years when people thought that this could be possible. ShowBox app empowers you to have a chance to relax and unwind, and it is an excellent alternative for paying hundreds of dollars in bills for the Netflix, movie tickets and TV subscriptions.

  • Despite the application being free, there are no ads on this app.
  • The app has a new specified section so that you can have a catch on some of the latest Hollywood movies and Television Shows News.
  • Subtitles are available in more than 150+ international and national languages.

Installation Guide

installation guide showbox

Here is the guide to install showbox apk –

  • The first step in installing this APK is to make sure you download it into your Android smartphone or even the tablet. Then navigate to the settings and open the security tab and look for the unknown sources option.
  • Ensure that you have enabled installation from unknown sources. This will allow you to install any other application from other sources apart from googling play store.
  • Install the application that you had downloaded and ensured that you agree to all the permissions that will be required so as to install the app entirely.


For the fact that this app will be the first time that you are going to install it, the app will load all of the data that includes movies and the TV shows that takes up quite a long time. Also if you look for games as the same time then play fire emblem heroes.

It is always recommended that you ensure that you use a stable internet connection during this installation process. You will have to wait until the app has loaded all the data. If it does ask for an update, get to select the updated version.

There are some specification as well as features that an android phone or tablet must have to ensure that it can be played into its full capacity. For example, the device must be running on Android 4 and above and ensure that it has an outstanding resolution.

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