Pokemon Go APK 0.115.3 Version Free For Android 2018

Pokemon Go APK is the debut game in the Pokemon franchise that has finally landed on Android. It has been developed by Niantic who are also the developers of Ingress, and they have managed to combine all the original magic of the Nintendo classics with some of the best ideas from the first version. The final results are an adventure that you will need to go outside and move around if you want to become a real and factual Pokemon trainer. If you have ever played Ingress initially, you already have an idea of all that you need to do and will easily comprehend the concept behind the Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go APK Details

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Installs100 million  +
Android Version4.4 and above
DeveloperNiantic Team

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Pokemon Go is a game that has been developed by the Niantic team, and it is available in both the android as well as the iOS platform. Currently, it has social as well as trading features that allow Trainers to easily connect with one other by adding their friends, exchanging gifts and also participating in a brand new friendship Level System that usually unlocks bonuses. The trainers can now easily trade Pokemon with the other trainers who are nearby. They earn a bonus, a Candy Bonus for Pokemon that has been received.

Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise and many more Pokemon have been discovered. They are out there, and all that you are required is find them. Even as you walk in a neighborhood, the smartphone will vibrate in a place nearby where the Pokemon could be. Aim and throw the Poke Ball. It is important to note that you should stay alert or it is going to get away. There are certain Pokemon that usually appears near the native environment – search for water Pokemon by the lakes and also oceans. Get to visit the PokeStops and the Gyms, and you will find an interesting place such as a museum, monuments, historical markers and the art installations to stock Poke Balls and very helpful items.

More About Pokemon Go APK

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You will have a chance to join other traders all across the world who are now discovering Pokemon even as they explore the world that is around them. Pokemon GO has become a global gaming sensation which has enjoyed downloads totaling over 100+ million along with clash royale game. The game has proved it’s mighty by being nominated in several awards. It got to be named the ‘Best Mobile Game’ by Game Developers Choice Awards. Also, it bagged ‘Best App of the Year’ by the TechCrunch.

Even as you level up, to complete the Pokedex, you will have to catch a very powerful Pokemon. You have the power to add to the collection by hatching the Pokemon Eggs which is based on distances that you walk. Assist your Pokemon to evolve fast by catching many of similar type. Get to choose a Buddy Pokemon that you can walk with and also you will earn Candy that will help you in making the Pokemon Stronger.

You also have an opportunity to team up to defeat all the powerful Raid Bosses. Usually, a Raid Battle is a very cooperative gameplay experience that does encourage you to work with over 20 other Trainers to defeat a powerful Pokemon referred to as Raid Boss. If you get to succeed in defeating it in the battle, you will have an opportunity to catch a powerful Pokemon. I believe it’s now time to move to the real-life adventures.

Amazing Features of Pokemon Go APK

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To join the competition in the epic Gym battles, you will need to enter one of the three teams that are available. And get to battle for ownership of the Gyms with the Pokemon at your side. Even as your Charmander get to evolve to the level of Charmeleon and later to Charizard, you can battle to defeat the Gym and also assign the Pokemon to ensure you have the proper defense against all the comers. Other amazing features of Pokemon Go APK in brief –

  • Here is a list of the amazing features of this application
  • There is better Gym and also Pokestop spacing.
  • It has several raids that are very fun.
  • The game has made it quite easy to conquer the gyms.

Installation Guide

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The installation process of this application is quite easy. The app is available in both the android as well as the iOS. As the game is available in the verified sources, you do not have to enable installation from the third party installation permissions. Search for Pokemon Go and click install once you locate the application. Wait until the downloading process is complete and open it. You are now ready to enjoy the game!

If you want to install is directly then use above link for fast download and follow some very simple steps –

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” via settings to allow installation of APK file.
  • Locate APK file and tap on it to install.
  • Leave it for a minute to install completely, and you are done.
  • Now, just enjoy it!


The newly updated version of Pokemon Go has undergone many improvements. There are currently three regions of Pokemon! The newest updates have been able to fix some annoying bugs and also has added some good graphical upgrades. The game seems to get better wMBith every stage. For other such games check our site’s homepage.

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