Minecraft APK : Pocket Edition For Android 2018

Minecraft is a game that was released for the PC versions only. In the beginning, it attracted a huge following. Hence developers created the mobile version to ensure most people can enjoy the game even when all they have is a smartphone.

Minecraft APK mobile version has the same basic mechanic, playing and destroying the blocks in a generated landscape. However, the controls have been tweaked for the touchscreens, tapping on screen places for a block and also holding down the button for slightly destroying it again.

Some Info About Minecraft APK 

minecraft apk

Downloads500 million +
Android Version4.2+
DeveloperMojang AB

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What’s Special in Minecraft APK? 

special in minecraft

Many people may be wondering what is most impressive sandbox game that has been launched recently. Well, there is no doubt that Minecraft scoops this award. The game was released in the year 2009. And it has become among most successful PC games ever in history.

However, thanks to the popularity that the game has enjoyed. Now you can not only access the game via PC but also on the iPad, any Android device and iPhone as well. Most game fanatics have rated this game to be very promising.

Minecraft: Pocket edition, just like the Minecraft, it offers you the virtual land for exploration purposes. Here, you have the choice to generate anything using imagination.

Everything in the Minecraft is usually pixelated blocks that have been categorized into a wide variety of materials. Such as dirt, grass, stone, grass as well as many more.

There is no step by step instruction or even a specific goal and what makes the Minecraft great is the ability to sharpen as well as enhancing your creativity as a player. With a simple rearranging block, you can create a given world into whatever desire that you may wish (a sky bridge, etc.)

Some Special Features of The App

features minecraft

In Minecraft Pocket Edition review in the year 2018, the players can savorin this game in 2 different modes. First one is Creative mode and second is Survival Mode.

Survival mode – Here, you are required to collect resources and the materials for building and also crafting process in daytime. When the night falls, you will make use of all prepared items so as to fight against the Minecraft Villains.

The enemies will try to ensure that they destroy the structure and also attack you at any given time hence you must be wise and have a strategy to ward them off if need be.

Creative mode – In this category, as a player, you are going to have unlimited access to Minecraft World.

If you love exploring and building various things, the creative mode is the best option for you as you don’t need to spend time mining the materials; instead, you can start building this project whenever you are ready.

Few more highlighted features of Minecraft APK –

  • You can freely be able to customize the character you want to have a look with cool Minecraft skins.
  • It does allow the players to use mods from the Minecraft community hence avoiding boringness of this core game and bringing an extended functionality to it.
  • Often, it has new updates that do include new features as well as fixed bugs all the time.
  • The game can be played offline: meaning that it is not a must for you to connect to the internet to enjoy this game.
  • It offers incredible sandbox gameplay which allows you to do anything with the Minecraft with two different modes freely.
  • It has randomly generated world to the players which bring an experience like no other whenever you are playing.

Installation Guide

installation minecraft apk

The installation process is quite simple. Just follow some simple steps ig you are installing apk file for first time.

  • The first step is to ensure that you download the application from given link in this post.
  • After this, navigate to settings and activate installation from unknown sources. By doing so, you have given the android phone to install even the apps that are not from the play store.
  • Install the app and ensure you give it all the permissions that will be required to ensure that the application runs successfully.
  • After the installation is done, you are now ready to enjoy the game.


If you are looking for an excellent purchase to either play whenever you are bored or even when you need a distraction, Minecraft is a fantastic way to pass the time.

If you are among the people that enjoy this game on a laptop and want on the other platforms. Then it’s still available in the other platforms which means you will be sorted irrespective which device you may be having.

Most of the games have been known to stay the same regardless of the device they are being played. Well, not for the Minecraft.

You will be amazed by the graphics that are in the Android version as well as Windows 10 edition. Despite graphics not making it be a super game, hearing and seeing are significant factors that have been observed during the development of this game.

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