GTA San Andreas APK With OBB Free Download 2018

GTA San Andreas APK is very famous as it has been released and it can run in one of the most used Operating systems: Android. Majority of the people all over the world uses Android smartphones.

It is good news for the people with Android as they can now enjoy this game. One of the reasons that make sure that you will never be bored whenever you are playing this game is that there are different levels as well as missions that you will be required to complete.

After completing each mission, you will advance to the next level. In the game, all the categories that are coming do include Action, role playing and Adventure. You can easily download this app from play store.

GTA San Andreas APK Info

gta san andreas apk

Downloads500 million+
Android Version4.1+
DeveloperRockstar Games

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This game by the name GTA San Andreas is a game that was launched for very many operating systems such as Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, MAC and many more.

Many people all over the world have been known to use Android phones, and this is one of the reasons that have made them develop the Android version so that many people could have a chance to access one of their favorite game. GTA San Andreas has been among the best action and adventure games that you will are both amazing and attractive level.

GTA series has grown to become among the most famous games and has enjoyed an excellent review. You can now enjoy the amazing action game of the GTA San Andreas APK.

About This Version of GTA San Andreas APK

version gta

In the Android version, there is nothing much has changed. The graphics have been given a minimal bump to ensure that it has the resolution of the newer displays and course controls usually are adapted for the touch screens, but we will touch more on the momentary side.

Aside from adaptation to the mobile, this is usually the same game that everyone enjoyed in the year 2004. The touchscreen controls usually take a little bit tousually get used to, and they are a bit tad clunky. You have a choice to choose between analog, on-screen buttons and flick controls if you decide to choose so.

The left side of screen has been dedicated to the movement while right side is for the action buttons. You can have the control of the camera with right side if the need arises. According to the support page, any HID Compliant controller including mega controller should be able to work just fine.

If you are experiencing the frame rate issues or if you just want to push your device, you have a choice to tweak things like the resolution, targeting mode and the frame limiter, visual effects and much more to either to help boost performance or even make this game look better. It’s now you call to make.

Handy Features of this Game

features gta

If you have ever played Grand Theft Auto in the past, am sure that now you know the kind of gameplay that you are in for. For the people that are not familiar with San Andres, it’s an open game that you play as the ex-gangbanger named ‘Carl’ who later returns home after death of his mom so as to get vengeance on people that killed her.

The game has been based on mission, and this game is open world so that you essentially to cruise around until you will be ready to do the things and later you go to them. Other amazing features at a glance –

  • The game has provided amazing graphics and also visual.
  • This application usually supports all the languages.
  • A full camera that has a dual stick control.
  • GTA game is a top-rated game as it has incredible control and the player movement is just on point.

Installation Guide

installation gta san andreas

Some very easy steps to install GTA San Andreas APK on your smartphone –

  • The first thing you need to do before installing this application is enabling permission from the unknown sources. To do this, select settings, then head to security and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • This will ensure you can download and install other apps that are not from the play store with no such difficulties.
  • Download the app from the site and install it. After installation is complete, you will be ready to enjoy this fantastic game.


The GTA San Andreas APK game is long as well as massive. It is an open world that has a lot of side’s missions together with the regular story, and this means that you have a lot that you can do.

The flexibility with game control and the settings are just another remarkable thing that the developers have ensured to incorporate. The tweaks ensure that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. For other games refer to other posts on the site.

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