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The Fire Emblem Heroes is an Android game released officially by the Nintendo Co. Ltd. However, the game is accessible to all the Android as well as iOS users. The Fire Emblem Heroes APK for Android 2018 is the 2.7.0 updated version of the game. To make the game even more interesting, one can opt for the in-app purchases too.

About Fire Emblem Heroes APK Game

fire emblem heroes apk

Size53.82 MB
Downloads5 million+
Android Version4.0 or above
DeveloperNintendo Co. LTD

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With a total size of just 53.82 MB, the game is smartly designed assuring minute consumption of storage and unlimited fun. The game is an amazing fighting scenario full of virtual adventures. When you play, you enter the world of two kingdoms, i.e., the Askran Kingdom and Emblian Empire. The player in the game is a summoner who can call legendary heroes from various Fire Emblem worlds. The sole aim of the player in the game is to protect his Askran Kindom from getting destroyed.

What’s more?

whats new

In the huge competition among the application and gaming developers, the Fire Emblem Heroes have managed to stay popular for a quite a long time now. It does not stand still. Instead, the game is a power-up in multiple ways. With the added features, new options and events, you can now create a customized team for your heroes.

The game offers multiple modes to choose from. One of the special modes is picking your heroes and joining them in the fight. In fact, the Nintendo’s hit strategy has been still on journey despite their success for over 25 years now.

You can also customize your touch screen for a comfortable battle. Getting used to the game will help you develop your hero skills and take your game to greater heights.

All other features at a glance –

  • It allows you to check battle map before game ends.
  • All maps are updated and added in map section.
  • Hero merit limit is now 4000, too higher than previous limit.
  • There are many new weapons are introduced in the game.
  • All known bug fixed.

The Epic Quest

the epic quest

In the game, there is an ongoing story that is always a unique one. This story comes up with new characters and a big number of battle-tested heroes from the entire Fire Emblem Universe Meet. As of April 2018, the game counted over 500 story pages including the tough modes.

When you clear your story stage, you earn Orbs. The Orbs are to summon the heroes. However, the game does not stand still here. The new chapters have kept on getting added consistently with time.

You can take part in the strategic battles when your turn comes. What’s the best part? You have these battles fit in the palm of your hand. Each hero’s weapon has its own benefits and demerits.

You need to think about them and make a choice evaluating the map in the battle. The game involves touch and drag controls too letting you lead your army. Simply swipe an ally over an enemy to put an attack. Seems confusing? Do not worry if you are new to turn-based strategic battles. The game also has an auto-battle option to let your heroes or characters fight themselves.

Play With Your Favorite Heroes


You can strengthen your favorite heroes and become a strong player in the game. There are multiple ways to do so. You can strengthen your allies with weapons, skills, leveling, provide them power-generating stuff or choose from other available options. Get your characters closer to the victory with these special powers. The game also has re-playable modes in the story. Use these modes to strengthen your allies or characters and compete mainly against others.

Heroes of The Game


The game has various characteristics as heroes. You will find all the characters present in the game from the Fire Emblem series. However, you’ll find many new characters designed by Yusuke Kozaki and Shigeki Maeshima. The characters who are fighting from your end are your allies. They help you fight your opponents and add more strength to your army.

What Should You Know Before You Start?


One must know about the basic needs of the game to avoid interruption. The entire game is available online. Thus, you need a good internet connection for the same. Kids above 13 years can easily understand, manage and play this game using the Nintendo Account. Informing the readers for security reasons, the third parties can access the platform and collect data from the app. This helps them generate statistical outputs used for analytical and marketing purposes. Also, the looks or the screen colour may vary depending on the what smartphone you use and other applications running behind.

Final words

Fire Emblem Heroes is an amazing game, popular since quite a few years now. For people who love playing battle games, this is one of the perfect choices to make. You can download the original version from the play store or also enjoy the second version by downloading the Fire Emblem Heroes apk file from the web. The apk file gives you added options and opportunities, spicing up the game a little more.

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